You think you know your body? You know how to feed him, cuddle him, and respect him? What are the signs of the body that you need to read as symptoms? The work environment affects our body. The risks arising from different processes (vibrations, heat, cold, wear, etc) force the body to some adjustments that sometimes makes it fragile and weak. We have solutions to make the workplace suitable for the body, its health and well-being. Do we know what and when we should eat depending on our job? Here are our 3 projects.

  • HOW MUCH DOES YOUR COMPANY WEIGH? Take the first steps to find out if the company in which you work is a network at risk for: NO TRANSMITTABLE DISEASE
  • HOW DO YOU EAT IN THE CAFETERIA? To discover that your own cafeteria can be a test bed to begin a balanced diet and a targeted food education
  • WHAT SHOULD I BRING TO EAT AND DRINK AT WORK? If I want to eat “my own food”, is it suitable for my job?

Wellbeing and workplace

I’LL MAKE YOU A R’EVOLUTIONARY PROPOSITION. (I imagined the G2M Health Programme in a completely different way from all the programmes on the Internet or in the market in general. I thought I would go back in human history, to EPICURUS. I adore Epicurus: he is the founder of that Greek philosophical school according to which life must be above all HAPPINESS, of body and spirit. I dug into my memories and found the text of what was written at the entrance of the Epicurean school : APONIA, there was written APONIA, WHICH MEANS ABSENCE OF PAIN ARISING FROM BAD HEALTH OR TRAUMA. Therefore, I would call the G2M health project APONIA – (WHEN) WELLBEING COINCIDES WITH PLEASURE.

Working environment assessment and mindfulness