Brain R’Evolution

An innovative training course focused on the critical areas and processes (Black Factory) present in our organisations and working on the intangible assets of the company. Inspired by the book “Brain Priority” by Sabatino De Sanctis which proposes a new approach to the conscious identification and overcoming of hidden business issues, creating a virtuous and R’EVOLUTIONARY culture.

Safety Games

An active and practical formation where Safety and Environment turn into a game. Gamification in training activities is very effective as it increases engagement and improves learning abilities. The experience is transformed into a moment of knowledge by stimulating behavioural dynamics aimed at success and the achievement of a higher level of in-depth analysis of the themes present in the game.

Training on the job with the people in charge

Active and practical training project aimed at middle and top management (managers and directors) to develop transversal skills (soft skills) by improving organisational and management skills. We invest in the individual growth of people: the workplace as an environment of education and life where to make personal knowledge available and develop relationships based on personal skills and inclinations

Software management

An innovative software tool for the management of all HSE aspects that every organisation should operate. Intuitive, easy to use, available on every mobile and off-line device. A useful tool to manage the applicable legislative deadlines, the company training plan, health surveillance, any action plan derived form HSE activities, risk assessment and environmental analysis carried out with objective parameters according to predefined or customised algorithms, up to the management and monitoring of behaviours.

Software for health

E-HEALTH is an Internet system dedicated to the health surveillance of its employees and sites. The typical scenario of application is the multinational corporation operating in environments with strong presence of factors of risks.

Employees health surveillance: Management of medical examinations, medical fitness certificates and risk factor tracking, schedule and planning of medical examinations, instrumental examinations, health training, vaccinations, alcohol and drug controls, daily diary and accidents.

Sites health surveillance: Hygiene, MEDEVAC exercises, malaria awareness, malaria cases, KPI health reporting, report training activities

Inventories: Medicines, consumables and tools

Video Operating Instructions

No more old paper Operating Instructions (which no one reads)! Our proposal is to build with your operating staff and your representatives a project aiming at the creation of short, clear and effective videos capable of showing operators the right operating modes to apply in a given work location or job for the use of a certain equipment.

Communication through images

Today, in the company as well as in society, we feel the need to communicate complex situations in a very short time and effectively. Cinemas, short films, commercials, amateur videos can help us. At G2M we have an interesting archive of highly original communication tools that we share with the industrial and working community. The men and women who work at G2M share their experiences to write and create scripts tailored to the individual needs of companies. Emotions and awareness, originality and soft skills characterize video-experiences without ever forgetting the importance of bringing to the stage the element of emotional intelligence and explain where every form of Black Factory is hidden.