Cultural change is the richest chapter of G2M. Many didactic and formative experiences are at the foundation of this R’evolution. For example the valueship as untouchable, facilitates the processes of change in creating values which were little appreciated in the company before.

In the morning, when we leave the house to live our lives, we turn out to be real thinkers. We elaborate an endless series of concepts that contain hundreds of solutions to the dozens of problems that will manifest themselves to our daily goal. No one forces us, but we do it gladly. It is as if we were crossed by a karma guiding us and we try to find solutions to our new dogma. Nowadays, everything we do, we do it to improve something else or to replace a process that we believe has become obsolete.

Its is a real challenge, and we agreed to call it the same: Change.

We want to enhance respect for something, avoid hurting someone, improve the way of life, reduce risks, earn more, increase well-being, avoid losses, legitimise an idea, eat healthy, turn to our god without bothering him too much.

It’s like we need to leave a mark. We have the tools, the ideas, the resources and even the knowledge to do it. It’s a shame we are no that many. The amazing thing, is that, despite being few, we are a sufficient number to be considered R’evoluzionary, RE‘actionary, special people.

It is incredible how some of us do not resist the temptation to be a black sheep and , as if it were a fantasy game, we come up with hundreds of projects, formulas, rhymes, devices, solutions and innovations without interruptions.

Let us try for a moment to do an exercise of reflection with respect to what is happening today in our social structure. We have become multiethnic, multimedia, multicultural and even multideological. We even have overcome the concept of speed as we managed to create an new modality: always present, always contemporary, always connected. As a result of this we have all felt the need to share and promote new forms of exchange generating new trends and creating new professional figures capable of governing this generation of new human friendly technologies. Industry 4.0 today is asking us to change and take on a new rule, that of Guardians of the Future. Recently a new trend has emerged: Social Innovation. it is considered as the turning point of new generations and the platform which incorporates and relies on universal knowledge. New perspectives, new routes, new choices. These are the pillars of the sacred future empire.

And what about the past? The experience of a lifetime? Where should we place it? What do we do with it? Did it really help us?

Many of these questions will not be answered while some will be the solution to live better, to optimise, to open doors to worlds that no key could ever open.

At G2M, it occurred to us that we have so many powerful experiences to tell you and live with you. They can help you face the future armed with tools that we call Values. That is why we want to tell you about LiHS, Leading Behaviuors, GIPSI, The Safer The Better, What Come First, Choose Life, SCC, Future Inside, Over Confidence, Black Factory, Health & Safety It’s me, Valueship, and how Covid transformed us.

Stories and projects that are making the future world possible. That they are simply the backbone of our lives because they are our cultural change.