In our daily life Family represents one of the key pillars of our society. The declination of family today has reached a definition so modern and broaden that, given for granted the “classical family”: mother father children, the interpretation is very different! Today family has a more critical connotation and position in terms of recognizing a nucleus of people living together. Today a family group shares a series of objectives and projects with the inclination of enlarging one’s community. It gives, for example, an important value to the family of origin (mother, father, sisters, brothers, close relatives. The natural family (wife husband children). The extended family (second wife/husband, second-bed children, very close married relatives). Sometimes other communities of people identify with a family because they feel the same emotions and share projects and values with them. For example, friends’ family or that of any form of religious community.

What usually happens in all these families? It happens that they share values, growth, projects, objectives, diseases, financial difficulties, recovery of the more fragile people among them, even pain in its most generic and varied form. Yet we cannot forget that there is another important family to whom we are bound in an indissoluble and continuous way: the professional family! That is the “family” that we create at work.

Why is this family important to G2M and how can we manage to change it in a real opportunity?

We always start by watching the scene presenting itself, giving it a point of view as “human as possible”.

The only thing we know for sure is that each one of us, in one way or another, lives with.. and has.. a family. In a family we plan, evaluate, dream all the projects and objectives for our future life (having a home, taking a trip, providing your children with decent education, etc.).

Which tool do we use to realize these projects? Usually the main tool is work. Work as a place where I express my technical and/or scientific competence in exchange for a salary through which I realize my life projects! Two galaxies, two orbits, two worlds that meet and interact with each other, sometimes in an integrated and conscious way, sometimes unconsciously.

The importance and strategic criticality of this exchange creates a new family community: the professional family! The latter affects the lives of individuals and all those people who interact with each individual (family, employer, colleagues). This principle applies to everyone. At home every person, whether director or worker, or owner of a company, dreams and plans their own future with a series of projects that he/she would like to realize. This postulate makes one of the theorems of life understandable and solvable. In other words, every human being is directly dependent on a compensation, which in turn allows you to realize your projects.

Here is the proposal of G2M

Raise the sensitivity of the top management and every single worker/employee in order to meet and relate/know each other. To share means developing the capacity of one another. This simple meeting exercise promotes the recognition of the role, a respect for the health and safety rules, a significant reduction in the number of accidents. This is to create a better business environment.

Our goal is to bring the two orbits together and share all kinds of education and responsibilities. The paradox is that if I know the lives and goals of those who work and share the work risks with me, I create conditions which improve the life of the individual and encourage the decrease or cancellation of accidents.

G2M is waiting for you to hold these meetings and open the doors to new opportunities.