Have you ever tried to ask yourself which is the noun that best binds and acclaim the word health?

It may seem strange, but not so strange, if we tell you that there is a powerful one. the noun is feminine, it is followed by basically the whole population of the Earth and represents a condition of apparent pleasure able to last in time and in an indefinite way.

HAPPINESS is the one. Health and Happiness are considered as a perfect union. Some social networks and communities consider them synonymous.

Happiness is a state of mind, an emotion that allows you to fulfill any desire, only if accompanied by good health.

We will provide you with 3 opposite examples.

  1. Try running or climbing up the stairs with a cigarette in your mouth, 10 kg more than your target weight and try to reach the guy who just stole your phone
  2. Enter a fashion store and do not find a pair of pants that fit, a shirt that does not dilate and be scrutinized form head to toe,”without uttering a word”, by a saleswoman fully in shape.
  3. You find yourself lying on the ground, surrounded by many people who slap you in the attempt to wake you up asking for your name, your date of birth and your mobile number. Smashed to the ground with a giant cup of praline ice cream or a sandwich with hot porchetta, while a glycemic peak of diabetes is sucking you down in the whirlwind of a comatose state.

These are 3 examples of failure to be happy that you can live if we are throwing your health and happiness in the trash.

Everyone knows that, but it’s only 30% of the population who put it into practice. The remaining 70% are somehow not happy as they suffer from a more or less serious “discomfort” that prevents them from being happy. Maybe we have the answer to all this or at least we are convinced that we have many interesting answers that can guide us in changing direction to make us improve our state of discomfort in well-being and make us much happier than we perceive ourselves to be.

There are two key words that define happiness resulting from being in good health.

Those words are Prevention and Lifestyle/Nutrition.

All forms of human health pass through these two baisc and fundamental concepts in life. No one teaches us that because we have the illusion of knowing it. Being healthy for some populations means eating a lot and being in the flesh. For others it means to continually exaggerate in the unfortunate illusion of being able to always go a little further without anything happening. For others it corresponds to using one’s body as a machine that expresses power, vigor and muscular strength.

These are very unlikely concepts of good health as it goes through what has just been said but with a completely different form and mode. Indeed, eating is one of the fundamental principles of our wellbeing, yet balance, moderation and diversity of food must always prevail. Man is omnivorous, polyenzymatic (produces enzymes capable of fragmenting and digesting any food product) and walking. In order for man to be able to fully express his power in terms of energy watts, he has to go through a process called training and not through a habit of eating disorder called overcharging.

It is true that all good, deep-fried, glazed and high-fat or high-sugar things are bad, but what everyone forgets to remember while swallowing these delicacies is that it is the doses and quantities that destroy us and not the food itself.

OUR HEALTH is, in other words, our personal and irreplaceable intangible value that we should cure, appreciate, preserve more than anything else in the world. Do you know why? because from this intangible value can derive three very powerful tangible opposite consequences: a symptom, a disease/ dysfunction or the loss of life all to the detriment of our happiness.

You just have to try…. and follow us!


The question of the meaning of life is one of the greatest themes in the world and is inevitably posed as the great value of the person. Life is influenced and mediated by the choices you make and by your own way of living and conducting it. What has been said is certainly a principle on which we all agree, but life declines in a social context so complex that in fact the reality is different.

Looking closely, the current increased complexity, forces us to walk curvy roads that expose us to new risks of work, social, sporting, personal and other. Everything happens when we go somewhere, when we do social activities, when we go to work, when we work, when we interact with other human beings and even when we are alone. In short, we continuously expose our lives to new and old risks but at the same time we seem to have become apathetic and little careful to certain signals or certain behaviours at risk. For example, in the circumstances of work we are particularly exposed and weak otherwise the cold numbers of the statistics would not give evidence of losses comparable to a war: 1600 accidents and 3 deaths per day.

We are unconscious and conscious victims of a terrible toxic attitude: excess of confidence or Over Confidence.

On this subject there are few truly interested interlocutors with whom to interact and find solutions because it would seem that the perception that the working community has continues to be a nuisance, a nuisance and an impatience for the repeated insistence The message has apparently been understood but the actions that should result from it are still invisible. The incredible thing is that the most invisible to tragedies are precisely those responsibile for the structures that provide the work. For years a road has been drawn, which has been given an indication although still inaccessible, but exists, is there is available, usable and enjoyable. This road has a name and it’s: behaviour. But it also has a surname: safe. Then he also has many nicknames: change, courage, sharing. Well there is so much material, so many skills and so much to do!

At G2M, we have opened a school of courage, change, innovation that cannot wait to enter your classrooms to meet your people. We are healthy carriers of Safe Behaviours.

We know how to think with people, together we become protagonists of life and safe behaviour. Together we talk about people, the future and social innovation. We stimulate courage and prepare the new generations to be surprising by using a powerfult tool: simplicity through competence. Because if you’re competent, you never need to use dangerous shortcuts.

At G2M, we like to say that we are CO.CO.CO.



The most beautiful slogan in the world!

Most of the formative programs of G2M have as incipit this slogan, which is not even a proper slogan. HEALTH AND I AM HEALTH is more a manifesto through which the company presents itself to the public and the working community. It is the principle from which everything originates.

It is the true starting point of the strategy of every productive reality wanting to demonstrate that the action of every individual starts form their own behaviour.

The fact that every person can say that they are the HEALTH AND SAFETY of their own company and life is a statement of how they relate to others and the work/social risks they face every day.

In a system in which health and safety are an essential MUST for any industrial or business reason, the compactness of this thought must be a certainty approved by all and on which the applications of any production processes are based. From top management to the production line, if this is the intention the sure result will be only one: SUCCESS!