G2M projects are born from the conviction that our innovative approach cannot be separated form the participation and involvement of all the actors who personally oversee and guarantee the effectiveness of the operational processes.
G2M places people at the centre of company choices, emphasizing not only the technical sphere but also the motional and psychological sphere. It is of great importance to feel humanly involved within your company and this feeds the level of individual performance and does not affect corporate profitability.

This is why one of the main projects pays particular attention to well-being:

  • Development of skills;
  • Organisational and managerial skills;
  • Circle of Virtuous Behaviours in life-work;
  • Social benefit.

It is widely demonstrated that companies investing in their employees achieve better results than competitors.

The real challenge is to keep the workshop of ideas always open and the incubator of ideas always operational. Fostering the best work environment so that everyone can express their idea and potential all in favour of their own wellbeing and social.

In G2M there is a sort of narrative where everything leads to a concept of FAMILY.

Isn’t FAMILY the cradle of all best known values? Isn’t it true that precisely within the Family core values and personalities of its members are created?

Well we are all convinced that these values concerning health and safety and respect for the environment are perfectly “glued” by this concept of Family. We truly believe not only in the existence of a person’s nuclear family, but also of their professional one. At G2M we strongly believe that the person never stops being part of a “Family” especially because they constantly relate and confront themselves with other people.