We have to talk about it. We need to tell everyone. We cannot disperse what we do, we have to diffuse it. The voice is a seed that must be sowed on the gorund so that fruit-laden trees bloom. The fruits of these trees are values, projects, innovative ideas, changes.

We call them Human Talks. That’s what the new literature calls them.

It is our voices that tell, sing, scream, replicate everything we believe in and everything we think could do good to this planet and its inhabitants.

We have a moral obligation: to find solutions to ensure that everyone can do what they wish and that we always go home to our loved ones, to our family.

To us, Human Talks are tangible testimonies of work, of the effort we are able to make for the things we believe in.

They are tangible documents of doing, being and giving.

We were inspired by an aphorism by Ennio Flaiano who said that “Living has become a bureaucratic exercise”. We know its deep meaning and what the journalist/writer wanted to communicate to us. We must ensure that this is not the case and that all that man transcribes to make sure that there is respect for the rules is nothing more than a trail on which to walk and to create a common sense of respecting the rules.

Human Talks are voices, songs, poems, images, tangible examples that acting means changing the world not to make it different but to make it better, livable and especially Human.