Being the focus on strategic processes increasingly aligned with strategic thinking, is rapidly moving towards society as a whole. It is no longer the result of only a few stakeholders selected by the company, but by a wider audience. Today the success of the enterprise depends more and more on how much it confronts itself with the external scenario.

The firm’s centre of gravity is now outside the firm itself, in a market which is no longer characterised by customers alone (of whom the firm knows everything) but by stakeholders (of whom the firm should know everything), capable of influencing its strategies as much as customers influence the offer.

The premise on which this new approach is based is the ability of companies to reconcile business, social commitment, environment, health and safety.

These themes create economic value that can simultaneously generate value for the company and its employees, for stakeholders, for the environment and for the territories in which it operates.

Soon we will have, not a company that “gets” from society (natural and human resources), but a company that supports society.
No longer the company that enters society, but society that enters the company.

Those who will be able to seize this variation will gain a competitive advantage.

We at G2M believe that opening relationships is fundamental in the pursue of enhancing the company. We encourage a series of meetings with top business managers while proposing a sort of review of the processes affecting behaviour, health, safety and even the environment.

We like to create an activator of intrinsic and extrinsic values to the company until we reach the awareness of the importance of social innovation and the creation of shared value .

The formative moments combined with the coaching action allow management to adopt new perspectives of listening and observation. It becomes easier to be aware of the social role of your business.

The company questions itself, reexamines its own mission, vision and maybe even the business model up to the involvement of external and internal customers.